Investment Banking Group

aXYKno Capital is an Investment Bank that provides independent advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising, as well as capital restructuring services to corporations, partnerships, institutions and individuals

aXYKno Capital combines superior execution capabilities, meticulous research, extensive transaction experience and a network of global partnerships to help our clients close transaction across geographies and IB products including merger & acquisition advisory, private equity placement and debt syndication. aXYKno has successfully demonstrated its ability to provide end-to-end client support across the value chain.

Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience in a variety of disciplines, including strategic analysis, mergers, acquisitions, financing and capital restructuring.

Our Strength

  • Sector And Domain Knowledge

    Focusing cross-border transactions in mid-market segment

    Cross cultural & cross functional team with rich transaction experience for across sectors, leveraging in-house domain knowledge and research platform to provide strategic advice for key decision making

  • Product Expertise

    aXYKno in-depth understanding of various IB products, market dynamics and client considerations; helps providing various Capital Syndication and strategic alternatives to its client.

  • Strong Global Reach

    We have a strong global Network for cross border M&A.

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Investment Banking Group

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