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First mover advantage and a robust strategy for helping our clients acquire and develop Natural Resources has helped aXYKno become a leader in the Natural Resources Advisory space.

Government corporations and large corporate houses have greatly benefited by our robust strategy, innovative models, seamless execution and fast-track approach to secure Natural Resources assets, helping them leapfrog the competition in terms of fuel/mineral security besides growing their enterprise valuations.

aXYKno is a niche and pioneer player in Natural Resources space, and is advising projects of 8 Billion Tonnes of resources in Domestic and Global market.

Our Strength

  • Cohesive team of Mining engineers, Geologist, Sector Experts, Regulatory Experts who bring a unique value to the table.
  • Advisory across the project life cycle, right from Conceptualization, Pre Feasibility studies, Mine Valuation, Business Model Innovation, Project Structuring etc.
  • Cross border advisory on acquisition of Natural Resources, Deal Structuring, Due Diligence and Fund Raising.

Domestic Market

aXYKno has pioneered a unique Public Private partnership (PPP) in the coal sector in India, which is now benchmarked by Government undertakings for policy level implementation.

We are committed to implementing unique and robust PPP models which are India centric and gear up India for the next big Leap.

We are currently advising & fast tracking development of more than 35 Natural Resources assets including Coal, Iron ore, base metals & fertilizer minerals aggregating to 8 billion Tonnes of mineral resources across the state of Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and West Bengal.

Service Offerings

  • Advising on Pre development & development of Natural Resources assets
  • Pre feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Detailed Financial Modelling and mine valuation
  • Strategic Advisory on Joint Ventures & PPP Advisory
  • Bid management Advisory
  • Advisory for meeting regulatory Compliances

Competitive Bidding

aXYKno pioneered innovated & introduced competitive bidding in India in coal sector way back in 2007, which is now benchmarked by MoC based on which an ordinance has been promulgated. a’XYKno has “A” team of Coal and Energy professionals with vast experience in carrying out bidding for 30+ coal blocks and insight into more than 350 corporates bidding strategies and trends specific to coal block. This unique experience makes us most preferred advisor for the upcoming Competitive Bidding/Public Auctioning.

Our Service Offerings

  1. High Level Strategy For Making A Winning Bid
    • Strategic Mapping of Coal Blocks
    • Competition Mapping and Insight into Bidding Trends
  2. Technical Due Diligence & Assessment
    • Detailed Geo-Technical Assessment of coal blocks
    • Risk Assessment on Land Acquisition, R&R, Environment & Forest issues
    • Due Diligence and Valuation of Assets / Blocks
    • Ranking of Coal Blocks based on Project Preparedness and Multiple Risk Filters.
    • Identifying Top 10 Strategic Fitments
  3. Bid Management
    • Financial Modeling & Scenario Planning. Estimation of CAPEX and OPEX.
    • Arriving at a Bid number from a integrated financial model
    • Running multiple bid scenarios
    • Preparation & submission of Application / Bid

Global Market

aXYKno has strong relationship in countries like Australia, Indonesia, United States of Americas, African continent etc. for identifying strategic resources for acquisition.

We concluded more than half a dozen Natural Resources concession deals overseas.

Service Offerings

  • Identifying & showcasing opportunities in Natural Resources assets globally
  • Technical, Financial & legal due diligence
  • M & A in Natural Resource space
  • Fund raising and Financial closure
  • Financial Modelling
  • Fund raising & Financial Closure

Our Service Offerings

The Indian Mining Sector is opening up for private participation, estimated to be + USD 20 bn annually by 2020; there could be lot of opportunities for global mining companies to be part of this play. Our service offerings

  1. Business Case / Business Plan For Entry In Contract Mining Sector - India
    • High Level Assessment of Current Indian Mining Sector
    • Understanding the fast-changing Mining Scenario in India
    • Mapping the US$20 billion Contract Mining opportunity that has started unfolding
    • Roadmap & Strategies for India Entry & Scale-up
  2. High Level Assessment Of Top 10 Opportunities
    • Mapping of top 10 Opportunities in the Mining Sector – 12 months horizon
    • High Level Assessment of Risks and Challenges of the Top 10 Opportunities
  3. Identifying Strategic Indian Partner For JV
    • Identifying Strategic Indian Partners for JV/Alliances
    • Forging India specific Joint Venture, Alliances for strong on-ground & fast-track execution
    • Suggesting appropriate transaction structure for JV & advice among various structuring options
    • Assistance in JV Deal Closure – Negotiating & finalising the Terms of JV Structure

Natural Resources Group

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